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Local Safety Concerns

It will be both a road and a trail

This sets an unprecedented case of calling a road a trail. Everyone hears the word “trail” and thinks a nice, safe, peaceful place to be.  There will be 9 miles of the 26 placed directly with vehicular traffic. Horses, cyclists, and hikers.

If you think separating the trail would be possible, it’s not. In alot of places, the mountainaous terrain will exclude it. The only way is to use eminent domain.

Remote with no cell service

People mistakenly think that they get out here and still have cell service. Most of the trail will not be with cell service.

Trail uses our emergency road

In the center of the trail, is Oriskany. In this area, the railroad bed has served as an emergency road for 60 years.

When Craig Creek floods, it blocks the road on each side of the town. Aprox 100 people can be trapped. The old Railroad bed is the only way in or out. The trail will gate this off.

Overall there is too much to include here. There will eventually be a page dedicated to this.

Raises Taxes

State Taxes

The funds for this are thru the State. That means every one in Virginia is paying for it. More projects like this means more money out of YOUR pocket

Property Taxes

Studies have shown that property values increases along a trail. This means property taxes go up in an unfair way.  Most of the people in this area are on a fixed income, retired, and can’t afford this.  The counties say this trail will generate revenue, but what they mean is the biggest source of revenue will be it’s residents. Putting the burden on landowners.

More EMS, fire, and police

Long service calls to reach the trail, and the fact that with more people in these areas means more need for help, it stands to reason that more EMS, Fire, and Police will be needed.

This will be a cost to the counties, and that means more taxes.

Wasetful Spending

There are already so many trails in this area. So many, that they aren’t being used enough. Some are on the verge of closing, from lack of use and/or lack of funds to take care of them. Why begin another massive trail that will only fall into disrepair.

With so many other things needing funding, the money needs to be used for better projects.


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Property Rights

It was taken from the landowners :

Rezoning without a voice :

De-valuation of why we moved here :

Intrusion and safety :

Cost to the landowners :

More to come on all these.

Hunting and Gun Rights:

The trail will shut down access that has been used for hunting. The railroad bed has served as a service route for hunters to park. Without this, hunters may have to walk miles to just get to where they used to park.

As the population increases using this trail from urban areas, there is a possiblity that gun ordinances will follow. The more people there are, the more restrictions happen.


The Citizens have not had the right to vote on this, and probably never will. It’s taxation without represention, otherwise a State Dictatorship.

Pork Barrelling: Money has been set aside in the state budget before the project has even been researched. The amount of closed-door and underhanded tactics are staggering.

More can be found under the Political Section 


Enviromental Impact

The construction of this trail will cause disruption of eagle and other wildlife habitat, and will increase traffic congestion and unwanted maintenance activities.

Additional noise and air pollution from vehicular traffic will effect local residents negatively, along with problems with trash, drainage, and runoff. Eminent domain is being talked about to handle drainage and runoff.

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