DeRail the Trail

Why the proposed

  Craig-Botetourt Trail

is a bad idea.

” Holy Smokes…

Good thing I don’t have kids with me. I thought this was suppose to be a trail, not a road !

An Overview

The Trail

It’s goal is to span 26.5 miles from Eagle Rock to New Castle, in Southwest Virginia. It stretches thru private properties and 1/3 of the length is “right on” secondary roads. It will be intended for hikers, bicyclists, and equestrian use.

Our Mission

DeRail’s goal is to protect the landowners, your neighbors, as much as possible. It’s to protect against local and big government with it’s thirst to swallow more and more of YOUR rights and EVERYONE elses.

……Oh, so many.

Dozens upon dozens of issues. Some may be solvable, but others can never be. DeRail’s job is to bring all of them out into the light of day.

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Oriskany, Virginia

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